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Cultural & Linguistic Solutions for Everyone!

B2B Markets – Language Service Providers & Healthcare Agencies

REACH offers consulting services to:

  • Provide unique perspectives on language access market and solutions
  • Counsel on issues and opportunities in the language industry
  • Provide benchmarks and best practices for healthcare interpreting & diversity programs
  • Guide the implementation of policies & procedures for cultural and linguistic programs
  • Facilitate training and moderate group discussions, meetings and conferences
  • Assess organizational cultural and linguistic programs
  • Vet organizational diversity readiness
  • Assess bilingual staff’s language proficiency

B2C Markets – Academic Organizations, Healthcare Agencies, Linguists, Bilingual Health Workforce and Non-Profit Organizations

REACH provides the following services to clients:

  • Online interpreter training
  • Cultural competence training
  • Spanish language enhancement training and workshops
  • Healthcare interpreter training
  • Continuing education training for certified healthcare interpreters