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Medical Language Proficiency

Is your organization seeking to assess bilingual clinical providers’ medical language proficiency?

REACH will be happy to help you!

Our assessment aims to measure bilingual provider’s ability to use medical language when providing health services to non-English speaking patients and patients with Limited English Proficiency (LEP)

With this goal, REACH has developed an in-house assessment tool for hospitals, clinics and other health & mental health organizations.

REACH assessors are highly experienced linguists who have been trained in several medical areas to master knowledge and terminology .

We are proud to assess Medical Language Proficiency in the following languages:

English – Mandarin – Chinese – Cantonese Chinese – Burmese – Hmong- Nepali – Cambodian – Armenian – Punjabi – Hindi – Urdu – Tagalog – Korean – Arabic – Somali – Russian – Haitian Creole – French – Italian – Portuguese – Polish – Croatian – Serbian – Spanish – Mixteco Alto – Mixteco Bajo – Mam – Tamil – Vietnamese – Indonesian

Want to inquire more about our assessment or a particular language?

Contact us at:

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